The Whitechapel Murders (1996)

David Jessel

Summary:The documentary's thesis is that the original suspect in the Whitechapel Murders of 1888 has been ignored by subsequent writers.

In short, based on the forensic facts, an Irish-American "Prince of Quacks" called Joseph Tumblety, a mysogynist, was the police's only suspect until they lost him when he skipped bail to France and the USA. When he died in 1903 he was carrying two rings identical to the ones stolen from the second victim, Annie Chapman. (From a private web site)
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Seen on:Channel 4
Comment by AS:It's the story of "Jack the Ripper". This time, the finding of documents leads private researchers to a very convincing suspect. It is a good and logically built documentary about the suspect. Although no real evidence is presented, the indications are overwhelming. It also has some interesting background information as to why there was such a news frenzy about the murders. The speculation about why Scotland Yard did not continue the investigation after the suspect left the country is a bit weak. Also, the film doesn't go into much detail about the murders, it is assumed that you know a lot about them already.

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