Secrets Of The Mind (2001)

Summary:The film delves into the mind-tingling efforts of neuroscientist V.S. Ramachandran to discover how the brain works. (Original Website)
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Seen on:PBS
More information:Official Website
Comment by AS:The film shows some amazing phenomena of the human brain. From their work with disabled patients, scientists were able to find out some basics about how the brain works, and which area of the brain controls which aspects of human behaviour. This documentary gives a very good overview about the mapping of the brain in an interesting and fascinating way.

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12/06/2008 | michi

darf ich auch nen kommentra schreiben. ein film ├╝ber, wie das hirn geht - also an sex denken und gleichzeitig ----cola trinken. mensch mayer

26/08/2011 | Missi

Such a deep aswner! GD&RVVF

10/05/2016 | Jonalyn

this article aceehvid exactly what i wanted it to achieve.

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